Target100 Offerings

Target100 brings you to a new level of insight and understanding in weight loss and wellness. Our programming disrupts the “diet mentality” and failed weight loss approach of just changing food choices into one of changing thought patterns and behavior to lose weight your way.

Your transformation – mind, body, and spirit – towards optimal health starts here.

10 LIVE weekly online meetings (recorded for on-demand watching too)

Our amazing box of digital tools delivered to your door before the course starts. Includes:

  • Bluetooth scale
  • Fitbit tracker
  • Bluetooth water bottle
  • Access to the Target100 app and platform where all of your devices work together to deliver insights and your personal formula for lasting weight loss success
  • Amazing recipes, worksheets, and tools
  • Our incredible private community
Beginner Course
It’s never too late to start your weight loss and wellness journey. Realize healthier living and lose weight your way with the 10-week Beginner Course.
September course dates are coming soon!​
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The Next Level Course
Deepen the foundation that you built through the Beginner Course and how the six pillars of Target100 will help you continue to thrive.
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Mastery Course
This course is focused on the MASTERY of the micro-habits that are driving everyday decision making and fatigue.
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We’re cooking up exciting programming to support every body and every journey, every time.

Here’s a peek at what’s ahead.

Full Courses
Full Courses
Well-planned courses for your well-being. Learn the foundation of Target100 and dive into the core pillars of weight loss in our 10-week Beginner Course, then level up and take the 8-week Next Level or Mastery courses. (The Beginner Course is a prerequisite for signing up for Next Level and Mastery.)
Live Events
Live Events
Join special guests and us for live webinars and interactive events that delve deeper into weight and wellness topics. Stay informed and stay tuned!
Mini Courses
Mini Courses
Address seasonal challenges and common hurdles like vacation weight, social drinking, and emotional eating triggers with Target100’s mini-courses that deliver maximum results.
Up for a bit of target practice? Compete or participate in friendly, motivating challenges to jumpstart and sharpen your pillar skills.
Commitment Plan
Commitment Plan
Stay connected. Be inspired. Get results. Thrive! Introducing the Target100 Membership Program. Unlock unlimited resources and support that move you towards lasting change.
Private Coaching
Private Coaching
We help clients understand they are not “broken”, but simply have not had the proper support. Access and enjoy exclusive services customized to support your specific needs. Let’s chat.
Liz shifted my thinking not only about my health, but just about how I feel about myself. And that shift has been not only life saving in my health, but it's been important in my career, it's been important with my husband. I mean, I'm just happier.​

Trish B.
With Target100, instead of sitting back in a program waiting for it to happen. I feel more active and participatory and realize it is my control. I can do this my way with your guidance and Target100 pillars. It is very empowering. And trust me, I’ve done it all.

Stephanie D.
Perfection is not the name of the game with Target100. And I could never live the life I live if I was a perfectionist. Nobody can have three kids, work a full-time job, and be perfect. Good has to be good enough – all the time, in every part of my life. You can lose weight with the good enough.

Laura R.