Program Overview
A whole program
Why has Target100 been such a lasting success for so many people? First, it’s rooted in behavioral science, particularly habit formation. Understanding and applying simple ways to change your habits is the only way to achieve lasting weight loss…and why other plans fail. Secondly, it’s a high touch and personalized approach to your well-being. That’s right, real people giving real support and service. Third, it’s not just about food (read: “diet”).
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The six pillars of Target100
The Target100 program identifies six pillars necessary for lasting weight loss and wellness. These are food, water (hydration), exercise, movement, stress, and sleep. Why these pillars? Because each has a massive impact on our biology. They affect which foods we crave, our ability to make good choices and the way the body processes fat and produces hormones. A holistic mind/body relationship is necessary to achieve the equilibrium that the body needs, and a positive mindset to stay motivated and moving forward. And because food is only part of it, six pillars means you have six ways to WIN every day!
Weight loss is not one dimensional, and neither are you.
Target100 believes that success in lasting weight loss isn’t one-size-fits-all. It must be tailored to your unique personality and preferences. Here’s where the program’s high-touch support and health technology come together – in your Wellness Wheel! By syncing your Target100 approved wellness measurement tools with the Target100 platform, your data streams into your Wellness Wheel creating a visual dashboard. You'll know in a glance how you’re performing in each of the six pillars – where you're on track and where you need to catch up - like needing more sleep or meditation.
The Target100 smart device box
Your journey begins with the arrival of your signature blue box – filled with smart devices that connect to your personalized Wellness Wheel.
Bluetooth-connected scale
Fitness tracker
Bluetooth water bottle
Target100 book
Count me in!
Liz shifted my thinking not only about my health, but just about how I feel about myself. And that shift has been not only life saving in my health, but it's been important in my career, it's been important with my husband. I mean, I'm just happier.​

Trish B.
With Target100, instead of sitting back in a program waiting for it to happen. I feel more active and participatory and realize it is my control. I can do this my way with your guidance and Target100 pillars. It is very empowering. And trust me, I’ve done it all.

Stephanie D.
Perfection is not the name of the game with Target100. And I could never live the life I live if I was a perfectionist. Nobody can have three kids, work a full-time job, and be perfect. Good has to be good enough – all the time, in every part of my life. You can lose weight with the good enough.

Laura R.
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