August 9, 2023 at 10:00 am EDT
Winning Journeys: Anne's Story

I feel like finding Target100 was truly like finding a friend. A friend who tells you when you have lipstick on your teeth, or when you really shouldn’t buy “that top” - and the same friend who lifts you up, celebrates your victories and comforts your losses. Well, amazingly, Liz already WAS that friend to me – we had toured the country with the National tour of “Les Miserables” in our 20s and had stayed best friends ever since. But what I didn’t know was that Target100, her program, was also going to become a friend, a confidant.

When I first joined Target100 it was in the middle of the pandemic, and I was unemployed, depressed and basically a big lump on the couch. I am a professional actress in NYC and our business was shut down, so I was pretty low emotionally and was 100% eating my feelings. I’ll never forget talking with her that first day in January 2021 and hearing about her program and how it works - it was like a ray of sunshine in a really crappy time. I remember thinking “Now THIS sounds like something I could do” - and how right I was!

For me, the idea of letting go of Diet Mentality was huge. I had grown up trying to lose weight since I was a teenager, and that awful spiral of guilt and shame was something I never wanted to deal with again. I love the JOY in the messaging of Target100. “Live your B Life!!” - what an incredibly gentle, comforting idea – I don’t have to be perfect. The type A side of me was relieved by this and intrigued by the Pillars – I loved that I could focus on one of the pillars at a time, and that I wasn’t following anyone else’s plan but my own. Being able to focus on sleep first was, quite literally, a dream. Because I was peri-menopausal my sleep was awful, and so that’s where I decided to focus first. Joining Liz’s Foundation Course, focusing on the pillars I wanted to – sleep, stress and water – was a revealing journey. I found that it led to my wanting to get up earlier, to move more, and to eat better – all because I was working on my SLEEP!!

Since January 2021 I have lost and kept off 23 pounds. But more than that, I have rediscovered my curiosity about my own health and wellness and am no longer afraid of Tall Grass! I have loved my journey with Liz and Target100, and I knew I wanted to help share this “message of freedom” (as Liz says) in any way I could. She suggested training to be a coach, and so here I am! I have so much left to learn and feel so inspired by this community and the stories that everyone shares.

Currently I’m focusing on the exercise pillar – and it’s not always easy, but it always makes me feel better. I need to work on tracking my carbs, and Franny helps with that, I’ve got her on speed dial. Movement, stress and water are my power pillars – and I LIVE for Coach David’s magical Breathwork!! I’m so grateful to be a part of the T100 family – and look forward to all the times we can get together virtually or otherwise. Live Your B Life!

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