March 3, 2024 at 02:59 pm EST
Winning Journeys: Kathy's Story

40 lbs. DOWN with my wellness team!

I have been overweight since high school. I’ve been on dozens of diets and programs and I had pretty much given up. Then almost 2 years ago I signed up for the Target 100 Foundation Course and I have never looked back! I feel like I have FINALLY found an answer that works for me.

It hasn’t been fast or magic. But there IS a magic formula. (Behavior over Time = Success.) I’ve learned so much from Liz and the T100 team, and even other members. The key for me is the six wellness pillars and finding balance among them, as well as staying connected to the group. The pillars are so interconnected and that was the missing piece for all my dieting years.

I don’t call it a weight loss program, I call it my wellness group, because it’s about so, so much more than food and the scale. As I’ve layered on new behaviors/habits and let go of others that don’t serve me, I gradually lost 40 pounds and gained over 14 pounds of muscle mass!

But more importantly I’ve done things I never dreamed I was able to. Even my doctor says “keep doing what you’re doing.” I have a long, long way to go but I’m already a lot healthier and happier, and looking forward to the next year on my wellness program!

Thank you so much T100 family for giving me the tools to help myself!

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