August 23, 2023 at 10:00 am EDT
Winning Journeys: Lisa's Story

In April 2021, I embarked on a transformative journey when I became a part of the Target100 community. Initially, my goal was solely to lose weight, a goal that felt like yet another last-ditch effort. I soon realized I was on the cusp of gaining much more than I could ever imagine!

With over three decades of experience as a pediatric dentist, I've also been blessed with a fulfilling personal life, being married for 35 years and raising three wonderful children. I grew up in an Italian family in Hershey, PA which explains my love of food and chocolate. My weight loss journey began at 15, when my dad took me to Diet Center. Looking back, I was certainly not overweight, but the message was clear: I wasn’t skinny enough. Over the years I have been on every diet out there losing and gaining the same thirty pounds more times than I can count.

Despite leading an active lifestyle, the increasing demands of work and a bustling household gradually nudged my fitness regimen to the back burner. The onset of menopause brought with it mental and physical shifts, coupled with a knee injury in 2020 exacerbated by the pandemic, which brought me to a reflective pause. Confined at home and struggling with limited mobility, I felt an urgent nudge to reassess my health trajectory and rediscover my purpose.

Through a series of serendipitous events, I encountered Liz and the Target100 weight loss program. There was an inexplicable assurance that this was a turning point, a chance to rewrite the narrative surrounding my weight, body image, diet and exercise. I had no idea how many factors were involved in weight loss. During the Foundation Course I learned about the 6 pillars and lost 8 pounds, which was great, but connecting with others on similar journeys was when I realized; I was not broken and I was not alone in my struggles.

Inspired and revitalized, I decided to deepen my knowledge and expertise in holistic health. Embarking on studies to become an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, I eventually joined the Target100 team, eager to channel my passion into fostering others' well-being. I have since been able to maintain a thirty-five-pound weight loss! My power pillars are stress management and movement. I prioritize prayer and meditation each morning while finding ways to move my body daily.

My favorite thing about Target100 is the philosophy of living a “B” life. I am a perfectionist and have always strived to be my best which has had its challenges, but this mantra has allowed me to live guilt free. Like everyone, I have my ups and downs. I know this is normal and I now have the tools to pick myself up and start again without the guilt and shame.

The Target100 community in the membership feels like family! I am so passionate about this program: it has helped me find myself again and I want to help others achieve the real, lasting change and peace of mind that I have found.

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