March 3, 2024 at 02:44 pm EST
Winning Journeys: Nicole's Story

I started my Target 100 journey in January. I had been looking for a program that would help me long term, not just during the period of losing weight. I had lost and regained considerable weight twice before and this time I needed it to be different. Long term health was my focus now and I knew nothing I had done before would work. 

The game changer for me with Target 100 were the pillars. What I found was that I was dehydrated, I wasn’t moving enough, and my overall stress was through the roof. Once I got those pillars in check, my weight came off. Historically I had only focused on my food intake, come to find out that’s not what needed attention. 

Almost one year later, I am down 30 pounds, and on my way to my ultimate goal!

What I like most about Target 100 is that I am able to live life while still losing weight. It’s not a “diet” with dramatic restrictions. It’s about moderation and balancing the needs of your body. I lost 30 pounds while taking care of two small kids, traveling quite extensively, attending events and parties, and handling the stress of making a big career move. 

Target 100 gave me the awareness and tools to care for my mind and body while not sacrificing what matters most. Target 100 is truly a lifestyle for me, not a diet!

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