March 3, 2024 at 03:18 pm EST
Winning Journeys: Sue's Story

I had always had trouble finding balance. I was either on or off a diet, there was no in between.  Target100 was all about balance. I remember thinking to myself, that sounds really good, I should try that but I just never did. Some time after reading the book I got a notice that they were starting an online foundations course. I was at my heaviest ever, my eating and drinking habits were bad, my sleep was terrible, I had no energy and I was not feeling very good about myself, so I decided why not, I’ve tried everything else. What do I really have to lose?

I had no idea what to expect but from the start I knew that this program was going to be different. I could see that this program was not a one size fits all solution and that step by step each participant is coached to find healthier habits that work with their real life, families, jobs, time constraints and obligations.

It was made clear that there is no failure as long as I was still trying and every day is a new day. I was advised to not restrict eating or over exercise to try to make up for past mistakes or slips back into unhealthy habits. Everyday was a new opportunity to practice a healthy habit.

 Target 100 uses a holistic approach to nurture mind, body and spirit. It’s not just about food, it’s about using habit formation techniques, gaining a deeper understanding of what makes my body and brain happy, positive reinforcement and community support to make changes over time that build on one another, are sustainable and work with my individual lifestyle.

Liz Josefsberg and her coaches use a hands on approach to assist me to find and sustain the right combination of habits that result in weight loss. Support throughout the Target100 community is abundant and a key part of the program for me. I absolutely could not have had success without the community members inspiration and support.  

They are real people with real challenges, who understand perfection is not only not achievable but not even desirable and support skills to enable you to adapt and adjust in a way that most diet plans don’t. I have always been impressed that Liz and her coaches speak to the community members about their own vulnerabilities and challenges, which make them very relatable.

 Two years later, to say that this program changed my life is not an understatement. This program is truly the only one I know of that focuses on slow sustainable lifestyle improvement. 

At almost 65 years old, I have lost over 40 pounds and live a happier, healthier and more active life than I have in years. I’m feeling great! I didn’t always feel this way but now I feel like what I want my future to look like is worth thinking about, because I plan to be around and healthy for a long time.

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