David Josefsberg

Target100-certified coach. Personal trainer. Health coach. Breathwork guru. First gentleman of Target100.

David has spent more than half of his life on-stage as a successful Broadway performer resulting in an impressive list of credits. While belting his way to the top, he spent a decade gaining and losing the same 30 lbs of weight. Increasingly aware of the fluctuations' negative impact on his overall well-being, David began exercising his passion for personal health and fitness. 

A Target100-certified coach and personal trainer, David teaches coursework -- most recently, the first-ever summer weight-loss course for men -- and leads community nutrition, fitness and stress-relief events. By leveraging his training in Breathwork, a deep breathing technique, he helps clients reduce stress and inflammation and increase energy and emotional purging.

David guides people along their health and wellness journey with personality and heart, positivity and compassion, and at times, the occasional show tune. Oh, and he's married to Liz Josefsberg. 

"Let's (re)connect to the things that bring you true joy so you can live this short life to its fullest! Just do it! Wait, that's Nike. You got this!" David Josefsberg

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