Lynn Hazelwood

Target100-certified coach. "I joined (Target100) for the education and stayed for the community."

A rewarding 30+ year career as an IT and Analytics professional and raising two exceptional children left Lynn little time for self-care. As the years passed, she found herself 55 lbs overweight with a host of health issues. At 54-years old, she was ready for a lifestyle reboot. 

Following extensive research that pointed to habit formation as the key to sustainable weight loss, Lynn discovered Target100 and slowly integrated the program into her life. After three months, Lynn lost weight and began building solid habits to sustain her new healthy lifestyle. 

With an overwhelming desire to help others find peace with their weight & lifestyle, Lynn became a Target100-certified coach and active community leader. She intimately connects with members' weight loss struggles, diet trials, and tribulations because she's been there too. Her experience as both a client and coach make her a valuable source of support, solution, and inspiration for all.

"Take it from someone who thought they were too busy or too old to get started; it's never too late to give yourself the gift of a healthy life," Lynn Hazelwood.

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