February 28, 2022 at 10:00 am EST
5 Ways To Get More Steps In Daily

Movement is a foundational pillar of the Target100 program and an important part of achieving and maintaining weight loss. We live in a world that has experienced so much creativity and advancement in technology that has made life easier in so many ways. It's also made us way more sedentary. Now we can take care of so many things from groceries to shopping and ordering food all from the couch!

When we move our bodies more often throughout the day it allows our body to get blood flowing through the entire body and gives our muscles a chance to stretch and flex.

Think of movement as something outside of intentional exercise that has you up and moving about - this can be anything from a walk around the block, going up and down the stairs at home, to doing household chores or gardening.

Here are 5 simple ideas to boost your daily step count.

#1. Do an online walking video

There are a number of great videos on YouTube that will get you walking and moving more throughout the day. You don't need any fancy equipment and you could even do them in your bare feet if you wanted. Target100 members and coaches really enjoy Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone or Get Fit With Rick walking workout series.

#2. Marching during commercials

Whenever you are watching the television, stand up and march (or dance) in place until the show resumes. If you are watching something on a streaming service, march or dance for 10 minutes at the end of each episode.

#3. Use a walking pad

Walking pads like this are cheaper, take up less space than a treadmill, and give you the flexibility to change pace while walking indoors. You can even place one under your home office desk and causally stroll during the workday.

#4. The laundry shuffle

Laundry is the never ending chore! It seems like there is always a pile to be folded. Next time you fold laundry, walk each folded item to the drawer or shelf where it belongs. Then go back to the pile of laundry and grab the next item and walk it to where it belongs. I know, it  will take longer to put away the laundry but you'll have logged a lot more steps doing it!

#5. Walk and talk

Take one phone call a day as a walking call. Maybe it's a work call that you can do while walking outside or around the office, or perhaps it's a phone call with a friend or family member.  Instead of sitting down and talking, head outside or around the house (or office); just move for the entire call.

Once you start to look at your day and find ways to add in movement to your current routine I bet you'll be surprised at how many opportunities you have each day to move more. Remember, moving more each day is really important for losing weight and keeping the weight off.

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