October 26, 2022 at 10:00 am EDT
Target100's Top 5 Tricks for Surviving Halloween

Halloween can feel extra tricky for sticking to your sticking to your weight loss goals and usual food choices. Bags of candy and treats, not to mention all things pumpkin spice flavored, are at every store for weeks ahead of time and then suddenly everything seasonal and sugary is on sale the day after Halloween. And the Christmas and winter holidays stuff magically appears. Makes you want to let out a scream worthy of a haunted house, right? Never fear! Liz and the Target100-certified coaches have a few tricks up their sleeves that they're sharing so you can confidently navigate this sugar-filled holiday and really the next few months. Don't forget to catch Liz and David's video for more Halloween Survival tips and tricks.

5 tricks to not let Halloween derail your weight loss and health goals  

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Trick #1 - Buy candy to hand out last minute

We know, we know, it feels like good planning to grab that huge bag of mini candies while you are doing the rest of your shopping. Get it out of the way, right? But, that means it gets to hang out in your pantry for that much longer before Halloween. For us, that's just too tempting. Instead, purchase candy a day or two before (or the day of!) so it spends less time in your pantry. So, mark your calendar for last minute candy shopping on October 30th. Check, done.

Trick #2 - Buy candy you don't like

A favorite trick of our rockstar coaches - purchasing candy that sounds exciting to our kids but we don't enjoy. Honestly, feels like a win-win every time! Now, you have your Halloween candy stash for handing out to the neighborhood kids but you'll be less tempted to crack open the bag early and do some quality checks (no shame, we've all done it). Here are a few ideas of kid-approved treats - fruit snacks, lollipops, individual bags of pretzels (bonus if they are Halloween themed) or Boo chips. Or, you can go the non-food route (this works really well when you have small kids) and stock up on temporary tattoos, glow sticks, stickers, or mini stress balls to hand out.

Trick #3 - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

When our body is dehydrated is can lead you to think you are hungry and need fuel instead what it really is looking for is water.  At a time of year where we are surrounded by sweet treats, being dehydrated can make things feel extra challenging. On the days leading up to Halloween and on the day of, make sure you have water bottles filled and are drinking water throughout the day. This way when you feel hungry, you can feel more confident that you actually are indeed hungry and not thirsty. And, you might find yourself passing right by that candy bowl without a second glance. Liz also recommends walking the trick-or-treat route with your kids with your water bottle in tow and take sips of water throughout the evening. We also like having a mug of peppermint tea to sip on as the evening temps drop.

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Trick #4 - Pick 3 mini size candies for yourself

Within Target100, Liz and the coaches always reinforce that you don't have to give up anything and you definitely should not fear any particular foods. You can, and should, enjoy all foods, and yes that can include sweets. Remember, Target100 is about sustainable changes you can live with for a long time. Who wants to go years without enjoying a chocolate bar (candy corn on the other hand, that's feels doable, in our humble opinion ...).  Fun fact (okay, maybe not fun, but take a mental note!) - 3 mini size candy bars is equivalent to one full size candy bar. Yep, just cause they are smaller in size doesn't necessarily mean you get to eat more of them. Picking a few mini size candies that you truly like and enjoy them. No need to feel deprived on Halloween.

Trick #5 - Remove the leftovers from house  

And finally, after the trick-or-treating is done, pack up any candy that did not get handed out and give it away the next day. Or hide it in the bottom of the freezer, put it in the trunk of your car, perhaps seal it really well and toss it in the attic (perhaps a bridge too far). If you can have kids, you can play Switch Witch - a fun game that lets kids trade in candy for money, non-candy treats, or other goodies. By giving away or removing the candy from the house it'll remove that temptation in the days that follow Halloween, out of sight and out of mind.

This time of year can feel really tricky to stick to your health and weight loss plan, not to mention the anxiety that some of us may feel with all the socializing and get-togethers. At Target100 we have some great Ask Me Anythings and Liz Live events planned through the fall and into winter to be a source of support and community for our amazing Target100 Rockstars. Make sure you've signed up for our Target100 monthly newsletter to find out about live events as well as seasonal recipes our team is making this holiday season.  

Next month, we're talking about the Target100 Program sleep pillar on the blog and socials. Check out Liz Josefsberg's top picks for a good night's sleep here to get your ready for some Zzz's.

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