June 13, 2022 at 10:00 am EDT
Low Carb Air Fryer Egg Bites Recipe

In the summertime the Target100 team loves quick, easy, low carb breakfast (or snack ideas) and this egg bite recipe does not disappoint. Coach David Josefsberg has the family Air Fryer in heavy rotation of recent experimenting with new recipes for vegetables and proteins that easily fit within his Target100 food pillar goal. I love a recipe that allows for pre-portioned foods and can be prepared in batches ahead of time! Recipes like these low carb egg bites save on time and relieve stress on busy weekday morning, especially now that many of us have swapped the stress of school days for summer camps, travel and other extracurriculars.

eggs on dish towel with oil and whisk, low carb weight loss meal

Eggs are incredibly nutrient rich - a great source of protein, low in carbs, and packed with important vitamins and minerals that support your immune system, bone health, and cardiovascular health. They are also pretty ubiquitous in most weight loss, low carb, and keto-friendly diets. However, it can be hard to make eating eggs daily interesting, at least in my opinion.

These Air Fryer egg bites are great in that they pack flavor from the bell pepper and feta cheese and give you an additional boost of fiber and nutrients from the spinach. Plus, they just taste good. Feel free to swap almond milk for other unsweetened milk alternatives or you can use cow's milk, all options work well and won't impact the grams of carbs in the recipe. These low carb Strawberry Protein Muffins are another quick and easy breakfast or snack idea that we love, especially since it is strawberry season.  Enjoy!

Air Fryer Egg Bites Recipe

Makes: 8 Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 14 minutes


5 eggs​

1 cup (30g) spinach, chopped​

½ red bell pepper, diced​

¼ cup (40g) feta cheese, crumbled​

3 tbsp. almond milk, unsweetened​

salt & pepper


  1. Heat the Air Fryer to 300°F (150°C).​

  2. Whisk the eggs in a large bowl, add in the spinach, red pepper, crumbled feta, almond milk and season with a little salt and pepper.​

  3. Evenly divide the egg mixture into 8 silicone muffin cases, filling each cup ¾ of the way. Place the filled silicone cups into the Air Fryer and fry for 10-14 minutes. Do this in two batches if necessary.​

  4. Once cooked, allow the egg bites to cool completely before removing them from the cups.

Nutrition info per serving: 1 grams carbs per egg bite

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