July 24, 2023 at 10:00 am EDT
All Water Is Not Created Equal

Hydration is an essential pillar within the Target100 program for weight loss and overall health for good reason! In the summer months, staying hydrated when outside temperatures skyrocket, it becomes even more vital to drink fluids and water throughout the day. When we are dehydrated it makes so many things that, much, harder. Dehydration can lead to increased irritability, headaches, tiredness and fatigue, poor quality of sleep, it can often masquerade as increased hunger signals, not to mention severe dehydration can be dangerous for one’s health.

Within Target100, we focus on water consumption as the primary source of hydration when you conquer your water pillar. Your Target100 wellness wheel, where all 6 pillars are tracked, your water pillar defaults to 100 fluid ounces a day. When you join a Target100 course or membership, the community and coaches are amazing at sharing their favorite tips and tricks for hitting their daily water goals.

As important as it is to be well hydrated for your overall health and your weight loss journey, not all water sources are equal. Some may be sneaky sources of extra added sugars and carbs and others maybe just aren’t that necessary for you. Let’s talk about the most popular ways to stay hydrated!

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Popular options for staying hydrated daily

Tap Water

Good old fashion water from the tap is probably the number one way most Target100 members fill up their water pillar each day on their Wellness Wheel. Assuming you live in a place where it is safe to drink the tap water, it is hard to pass on this easy way to get those ounces in each day.

If plain ol’ tap water is just too boring for you (fun fact - Target100 Founder Liz Josefsberg doesn’t love tap water either!) try adding some slices of citrus, berries, or herb sprigs. This flavored water approach is often called ‘spa water’ and it’s a great zero carb way to flavor your water with produce, fresh or frozen fruit works just fine.

Sparkling Water (aka Seltzer)

Now this is the way that our founder, Liz hits her water pillar goal each day – bubbly water. If you prefer carbonation to flat tap water that is totally fine! Just a few things to note and you're ready to bubble your way up the water pillar: check the nutrition facts and ingredient list on the can or bottle of flavored water.

Flavored carbonated water is totally fine, it just depends on how it’s flavored – through essences or is it both flavored and sweetened? Most popular brands of flavored water are zero calories and zero carbs, but best to maintain a habit of checking for added sugars.

Tonic Water

Whether you drink tonic water by itself, with a twist of lemon, or mixed in a drink, it’s important to note that tonic water has a surprising amount of added sugar in it. It may not taste as sweet as a soda or fruit juice, but it has almost as much added sugar. We’d encourage you to enjoy tonic water on occasion but perhaps not the best choice to conquer your water pillar and stay hydrated.

Electrolyte-Enhanced Water

These enhanced waters can be an attractive option for hydration, especially after intense workouts or when it’s particularly hot outside and you’re sweating a lot. There is definitely a time and place for electrolyte-enhanced waters, perhaps after a cardio day or Saturday F45 Training workout (iykyk).

We’d recommend using these types of waters more for recovery or when you need the electrolyte boost (like after sweating a lot) rather than drinking on a daily basis to stay hydrated.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a popular way people like to stay hydrated and there is no shortage of brands to choose from at the grocery store. Coconut water does contain carbohydrates, both naturally occurring but also from added sugars if you choose a flavored option.

Coconut water can be a source of vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It can be a good option for hydrating and recovery post-workout. However, given coconut water also contains carbs it is often better to reach for an alternate source water daily to stay hydrated is weight loss is a goal.

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Not all water is created equal, but drinking water daily is vital to your overall health, well-being, and weight loss journey. Water and hydration are an integral part of the Target100 program. Finding a way to enjoy your water daily to stay hydrated can have a huge impact on you feeling your best and achieving the long-term weight loss and health goals you’re striving for. Check out more about how hydration impacts weight loss here.

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