December 6, 2021 at 10:00 am EST
The Power of Non-Scale Wins

Bringing awareness and celebrating non-scale victories is so important on your weight loss journey. Does this sound familiar – you have done everything as you planned with your food choices and lifestyle to encourage weight loss for the past few weeks and then you step on the scale … to find the number hasn’t changed, or worse inched upwards.


Our bodies don’t react in a linear or predictable fashion. Yet, our bodies are amazing; we ask a lot of them over our lifetime, and we need to be patient with our bodies. When we make changes to our diet or environment sometimes, you’ll see an immediate effect but other times it may take days or weeks for your body to adapt and adjust and then maybe you’ll see the feedback you’re looking for on the scale.


This is why I am encouraging you to focus less on the number on the scale and more on setting non-scale goals for yourself. These should be goals that speak to your why. They link back to why you are embarking on this weight loss journey and the changes you are looking to make - do you want to feel stronger, move with more ease and less aches, feel more energized, or maybe less stressed.

Noticing your progress and getting feedback in other ways that are not dependent on the scale are important for your overall mindset and how you are feeling on this journey. It creates for you a sense of accomplishment that can be crucial for motivation through the inevitable ups and downs of your weight loss journey. The non-scale wins also give additional feedback to your progress.


Focusing on the non-scale wins can help you stack habits and give feedback on behavior changes that support your goals. What your non-scale wins look like are unique to you, your journey, and your routines. It maybe that you’ve consistently added more steps each day, pants are looser, you are exercising at a higher intensity, or maybe it’s that you fall asleep more quickly at night. Notice and celebrate these wins so you get that necessary feedback on your progress on your weight loss journey.

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