March 28, 2022 at 10:00 am EDT
Top 10 Low Carb Snacks to Pack

Travel brings new possibilities and adventures but also new challenges in sticking with your weight loss program and having healthy lower carb options. Spring is often a time when many of us start to travel more, whether it is for spring break getaways with family, and we begin to make concrete plans for summer vacations.

I have a several low carb go-to's that I always throw in my bag for travel. Whether I am hopping on a plane or starting a road trip with my family I can feel confident knowing I have foods that will keep be energized, satisfied, and on track with my Target100 food pillar.  

Liz's Top 10 Must Pack Low Carb Snacks for Traveling

Hillshire Snacking Salami & Gouda Cheese packs

These snack packs are high protein, with healthy fats and fiber from the nuts, and help keep my hunger at bay. The travel well in both car and plane. Look for them at your local grocery store or Walmart.

low carb, high protein, weight loss snack, salami, cheese and nuts

4 oz Single Serving Packs of Pitted Olives

Sometimes I just want a little something salty and satisfying when on the road and don't want to reach for a bag of potato chips. I keep a few single serving packs of olives to provide just the something salty I am looking for and I can easily stay within my Target100 program food pillar.

low carb, healthy fats, pitted black olives, low carb meal plan

Balanced Breaks Single Serving Packs

I'll grab several Balanced Breaks packs from my local Walmart or grocery store for trips to keep hunger at bay for David and I. I love the balance of higher protein, low carb cheese and nuts and then a little something sweet with some dried fruit.

pack of nuts, cheese, dried fruit, low carb weight loss meal plan

Apple Slices!

I pair some slices with any of the following low carb, higher protein snack choices. Don't fear a piece of fruit! Apples are a heartier fruit that tend to travel well and provide a great source of fiber and something sweet to keep me feeling satisfied while traveling. If you put the apple slices in a Ziplock bag right away the slices don't brown as quickly.

apple slices, weight loss snack

Justin's Single Serving Peanut Butter Packets

I bring these peanut butter packets everywhere when I travel. They are small, easy, nonperishable and a perfect protein compliment to apple slices. I even keep a stock pile at home for quick snack on busy days (and we all have those days!).

low carb, high protein weight loss snack, single serving peanut butter packet

Mini KIND Bars

These little nut-filled snack bars are a great choices for a low sugar snack paired with apple slices gives you a boost of fiber, healthy fats and just the right amount of something sweet (in my opinion).

mini granola bars, low sugar weight loss snack

Lorissa's Jalapeno Beef Sticks - Individually Wrapped

I love a good sweet and spicy mix and these beef sticks make a great compliment to the apple slices for a higher protein, fiber-filled snack to keep my energy levels up when on the road. David and my boys love these beef sticks as well so win-win, it works for the whole family!

jalapeno beef sticks, low carb, high protein weight loss snack

Theo Dark Chocolate Bar

This is a MUST travel with me! I don't want to feel deprived or tempted by sweet treats when traveling so I bring my own with me and then I don't feel sorry for myself. Just a heads up, in my humble opinion, the salted almond 70% dark bar is to die for!

dark chocolate bar, weight loss treat

Pistachio Nuts with Shells in Single Serving Packets

In case you haven't spotted the trend by now, single serving packs and nuts are some of my favorite things to pack for travel. I love pistachio nuts, first because I love the taste, but also having to crack the shell and get the nutmeat out forces me to slow down and take my time. This allows me to be slightly more mindful when I am eating (regardless of how stressful things are around me).

pistachios in shell, low carb weight loss snack

Mini Babybel Cheeses

These little cheese rounds make a great low carb, protein-filled snack that pair well with vegetable sticks, apple slices, or a single serving packet of nuts. The mini cheese wheels travel pretty well and I think they make a great car snack for the entire family.

babybel cheese mini wheel, high protein, low carb weight loss snack

Whisps Cheese Crisps

These are a family favorite as well. We also bring a few bags with us when we travel for David, myself and the boys. We love all the flavors! The Whisps crisps are a great low carb, keto-friendly snack that will easily fit in your Target100 program food pillar.

low carb, keto friendly weight loss snacks, cheese crisps

I hope you have a wonderful time on any future travels and adventures. With a little preparation and packing ahead of time you can alleviate some of the stress that comes with travel. Hopefully you try some of the snack ideas so you have foods that leave you energized and satisfied. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Target100 Community for more ideas and share pics of your adventures with us!

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